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An Depraetere


Belgian Painting Artist

She studied at the Arts Academy of Tournai and at the Arts Academy of Antwerp. Later, she joined the Atelier of Guy Leclerq at the Arts Academy of Anderlecht (Brussels), where she experienced different techniques, mostly paint and sculpture with Carla Vervoort. 

She likes to use the properties of the paint as a tool to express herself, to emphase the brush touch that wears the marks of the movement. To realize the reunion of what we see and what we feel. Whether it's human figure or animal present in her work, I'm searching what gets through each of us, and reveals our real nature. Reveal the mirror and language of our emotions.

And that’s why; observing and asking by meaning of painting, drawing or whatever other Artistic way is so interesting.

Each one of her works raises out of an impulsion, a deep urge to paint; Much more then a thought-out and constructed approach.  Seize, without thinking further, what we feel at the very moment it happens.  In which we leave the hand rule the brush.  She likes to play with colors and medium.  Each canvas contains her emotions of the moment.  

Continuous exhibition in the Atelier everyday on appointment.


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